Behind The Brand Magic And Stars Co



Magic And Stars Co mission Is to promote a positive, feel good message through the products we sell, making sure our items are:

  • Made from ethically sourced materials 
  • Eco Friendly, from the products to the packaging
  • Nourishing to the soul
  • And make you smile



Magic And Stars Values;

  • Promoting good morals, trust and high standards
  • Dreaming big and have a positive impact on everything we do
  • Looking after the environment and animals, always looking for products that are kind to the planet.


Our vision is to create a brand that delivers high quality items that people love and want to repurchase, as it makes them feel good on the inside and out.

Mission Statement 

Our aim is to deliver a positive feel good message through the products we sell. Our items are designed for people that love fragrance, homeware, fashion and accessories. We do this by carefully sourcing materials that are nourishing to the soul and make people smile.